Friday, April 17, 2009

Tales of Twitter

I've found a new vortex and it's name is Twitter! Suddenly I have 80 new friends, and I can't seem to get but a small number to stand out in my mind. I know there are hundreds of posts I will miss, and most likely when I tweet only a scant few will even see it, but maybe people do take a lot of time going through tweets to find the stuff that interests them (I usually find enough links to follow and stuff to read on the first page that takes me a good half hour at least!).

So this is something else I'm going to have to figure out, how to really get to know someone when there are so many people you can't keep them straight! And listing your fellow follows gives you no search bar at the top to find the one you might want to tweet and can't remember their tweet name! Oh well, I'm sure this will become more familiar and less perplexing to me soon!

.... step away from the twitter!

1 comment:

  1. Well, all I can say is that the Betty Ford clinic might want to look into a Twitter Clinic, for the Terribly Twittered, boy that's fun and addicting making dozens and dozens of new friends (some go by so fast you don't even remember but others really do stand out, and it's those that are so well worth it!) So, just beware of the pull, lest you have stiff neck like mine! :) Now that's what I call viral friending!